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  • Alana - Hip surgery was successful.  Still pain.  Sign up to bring her a meal.  Prayers for her continued recovery.
  • Jessie Berry- Seizure free for the last week.  EEG abnormal.  Trying to get an appointment with a neurologist.
  • Allen, Kimberly Quintanar's son - Being deployed.
  • DJ- Pray for his quick/complete recovery from surgery and arthritis.
  • For Gd to give us success with building our Youth and Family.
  • Michelle Walker and Family - Adoption proceedings
  • Nick, Sadie's Brother - Struggling with addiction.
  • Ray Kemler, MaryAnn's Uncle - Hospice
  • Tammy Harvey, Michelle's friend - Breast cancer - She just had a couple mastectomy and is undergoing radiation.
  • Gary, Brandon Bressman's dad- Cancer
  • Charlie's brother - Skin cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma and brain tumors.
  • Those studying the Bible
  • Those leading our country.

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